Repair vs. Re-roof


24/7 Emergency Service available at 636-349-2920.

Sielfliesch Roofing Repair
Sielfliesch Roofing Repair

Our goal for all of our customers is to provide superior roofing services and cost-effective roofing solutions for both short and long term operations. We will help you determine whether your roof should be repaired, re-roofed, or a combination of both. Let us listen to you and make suggestions that can save you time, money, and future roofing headaches.

We consider all short term versus long term investment implications and offer timing options for replacement versus repair. We look at specialized needs such as energy efficiency savings or access to HVAC units and accommodate special requirements for noise reduction and other considerations. We always leave your facility’s roof clean and orderly.

  • Dedicated Repair Team Available 24/7
  • You can call us at 636-349-2920 or e-mail
  • Our experienced repair teams are available to make emergency as well as general maintenance repairs to help you protect the investment you have made in your facility.
  • We have a 24 hour answering service to dispatch repairs in an event of an emergency, day or night.
  • Specially outfitted vans contain all the necessary supplies to make repairs on the first visit.
  • We promise to bring you the best in personal, accessible, customer service and are always ready to help you get the most cost-effective use of your roof. No matter how large or small.

Remember – re-roofing is not always the answer!